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All our direct enroll programs and customized programs include housing.

In Rome, housing placements usually comprises shared apartments in two or three central locations in Rome. The apartments are fully furnished and fully functional. The standard layout of the apartments consists of bedrooms, one or more bathrooms, kitchen, and living/dining room space. The bedrooms range from single bedrooms for one occupant (limited supply) to triple bedrooms. A very limited number of apartments have only one bedroom, and some have more than three bedrooms. In most shared apartments, students range from four to six. Shared bedrooms have from two to three occupants.

A pillow, two sets of towels and two sets of bed sheets per occupant are provided in the apartments. There will also be sufficient closet space to accommodate a reasonable amount of clothing and luggage. Kitchens are all fully functional, with sufficient utensils, plates and glasses per number of occupants. Also included are refrigerators, ovens, stoves, and basic cookware. There is usually one bathroom for every two-three students to share. The bathrooms include a toilet, sometimes a bidet and either a shower or bathtub. Apartments include a washing machine, one or more drying racks, WiFi, a first aid kit, a phone, fans or air conditioning.

Students have access to an emergency as well as maintenance service by the housing provider.  Cleaning staff comes by once a week to clean the apartment (general surfaces, kitchen bathrooms, floors).


Housing locations are in residential areas to encourage students to integrate into the local community. Pharmacies, hospitals, ATM machines, public transportation, supermarkets, and restaurants are all within comfortable exploring distance.


Housing is Roman in nature. This means that although apartments are of the same standard and have similar facilities, no two apartments are alike. They are not all located in the same building but are all within walking distance to Gustolab International or the nearest bus route.Floor plans and furnishings will vary. For example, in some apartments there will be a separate living room and kitchen. In other cases, the kitchen/living area is open plan with a shared kitchen and sitting area etc. Some apartments may include desks per occupant &, if not, a table is available in the common area where students can eat or study. 

Other Housing Options

In some cases, our housing provider may provide single suites in small residences. Every single suite has a private bathroom and desk, tv, wi-fi, and air conditioning. A pillow, two sets of towels, and two sets of bed sheets are provided.  In the common space between the small suites, there is an area with a fully equipped kitchen with a dishwasher and an area with tables for 2 or 4 people detached from one another. The common area will include a first aid kit and a phone. Furthermore, students have access to an emergency as well as maintenance service by the housing provider.  The cleaning staff comes by once a week to clean the suites and common areas (general surfaces, kitchen bathrooms, floors). Due to Covid-19, laundry vouchers will be provided.

Housing for our internship programs may include options for living outside of the city center at a farm and at an agriturismo.


Students who attend our Japan program will live in homestays with local host families in Osaka while students who attend our Vietnam program, will stay in hotels and student dormitories as they travel through the different cities.


For customized short faculty-led or chaperoned programs, we can facilitate housing in hotels or similiar accommodations.


Single rooming requests can be made, subject to availability. If available, single rooms will be located in a shared apartment with other students. If a request cannot be honored due to space limitations, a room will be assigned according to availability. 


Our housing provider will make every attempt to place students according to any needs you might have. If you have a medical condition or disability that you would like to disclose to our housing provider, which could impact your housing, please let us know in your housing application form.


Once assigned, students are not able to choose or change their housing. All preferences must be specified on the housing application form. Placements will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis.


For our direct enroll programs in Rome, we offer the option to opt-out of program housing.


Housing Policies

Gustolab International would like to create a gender-inclusive environment for all students.  A gender-inclusive housing environment allows students to live in the same housing and share bathrooms with another student, regardless of biological sex, gender expression, gender identity or sexual orientation. However, prior to arrangements, permission must be granted by the student for living arrangements.


Students are not permitted to check into their housing before the check-in date or to check out after the check-out date. Gustolab International will provide time slots for check in and check out for check-in and out days.


Any gatherings or partying will be forbidden in the students accommodations. Students may not rearrange furniture. Students will receive additional housing policies before the start of their program

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